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Welcome to The Foundation’s newest 2023 Corporate Partner, SSM Health Monroe Clinic! We are very grateful to them for not only their corporate contribution, but also their true partnership and dedication to The Foundation’s mission of empowering nonprofits throughout our region and creating a stronger Northwest Illinois for all.

Nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses really to have a symbiotic relationship and joint interest in the stability and growth of our Northwest Illinois economy. Did you know that nearly 12% of Illinois residents are directly employed by a nonprofit business?  We encourage our region’s for-profit community to not only investigate how they can become more involved with us at The Foundation, but also how they can actively participate in the further growth and development of our nonprofit business sector.  From enriching schools and state-of-the-art medical facilities to uplifting social services and an inspiring arts and culture sector, nonprofits put the quality in the phrase quality of life, for all of us.