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The Senior Resource Center was awarded $10,000 in our 2022 Spring Grant cycle. The Senior Resource Center is looking to work with local Dental Clinics in both Stephenson and Jo Daviess Counties. There is a great need for preventive oral healthcare. The lack of such services can have significant health consequences, this resulting unmet need can lead to increased direct oral health problems such as loss of teeth, cavities, or gum disease. Not having natural teeth can also cause nutritional deficiencies and related health problems, including social isolation. Preventive dental check-ups can help to identify conditions like oral cancer, which is treatable if detected early. Once they have had the initial appointment, the dentist will be able to monitor the condition of the teeth and gums and will also be able to offer advice on the best oral hygiene practices for the participant. Oral health care is not a top priority for someone on a fixed income. However insurance organizations have no commitment to supporting such services. According to Medicare.gov, Medicare will only pay for inpatient hospital care, if there is a need to have emergency or complicated dental procedures. Medicaid does have some Preventive Dental Care options. But it is almost nearly impossible to find a dental office in Stephenson or Jo Daviess Counties, who will accept Medicaid assignment. The Stephenson County or Jo Daviess County Health Departments, do not offer dental services for, seniors or Disabled Adults. Stephenson assist only children and Jo Daviess has none.

To learn more about the Senior Resource Center, follow them on Facebook or visit their website: https://www.seniorresourcecenter.net.