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Freeport High School was awarded $5,444.95 in our 2022 Spring Grant cycle. With help through this grant, 50 households will be able to participate in the community composting program during the first year. Each household will be given a two or five-gallon bucket with a lid to collect their food scraps during each week. One day during the week, participating households will drop off their food scraps at the Freeport Student Garden, located south of the Freeport Alternative High School. Food scraps will be inspected by student employees and volunteers to make sure all materials are compostable. Participants will then bring their bucket home, wash it, reuse by continuing to fill with table scraps and return it the following week. A three-bin compost system will be built to accommodate the amount of food scraps we anticipate will be collected. Each section of the compost bin separates the three stages of composting: collecting, composting, and resting. The composting system will be constructed out of cedar which is naturally rot-resistant. This will allow the compost to be made without exposure to chemicals used to treat wood and extend the longevity of the composting system from 10-15 years. A small tractor will be used to turn the compost and transfer the materials between each of the bins in the composting system. By using this tractor, students are able to learn how to operate farm equipment in a safe and efficient manner. They are able to learn how to maintain the equipment that they may use after high school and inspire them to participate in their own community. To learn more about Freeport School District, follow them on Facebook or visit them online: https://www.fsd145.org.

Freeport Student Garden Community Composting is going to have a lottery for signing up and will randomly select 50 households from all interested. Households can enter the lottery using this link: https://forms.gle/tRhTeHTzeXXJbiUp7