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Sarah Flashing-Clow, Community Relations Director
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The Freeport Community Foundation Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Michelle DeHaven-Quast has been appointed to the role of CEO, a transition from her part-time role prior to the new year. Sarah Flashing-Clow also joins the organization full-time to serve as Community Relations Director.

“This is an exciting time for the Freeport Community Foundation,” stated Andrea Schultz-Winter, Board President. “Michelle DeHaven-Quast has already proven her leadership as the FCF’s part-time Executive Director and elevating her to the full-time role of CEO enables the Foundation to fully pursue its vision for the future. The skills, experience, and enthusiasm that she and Sarah Flashing-Clow bring to the organization allow for continuing growth with a lasting, positive impact on our region.”

Michelle DeHaven-Quast graduated from Dakota High School and can trace her family roots in northwest Illinois back to the mid-1800s. She attended college at the University of Northern Iowa, is certified in Nonprofit Management through NIU’s Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence, and brings over 30 years professional nonprofit management, marketing, and development experience into her role.

“Working with the Freeport Community Foundation has been a special experience for me since joining the organization in 2018,” stated CEO Michelle DeHaven-Quast. “I am honored to be in a position that affords me the ability to build on nearly fifty years of giving legacy. And, bringing Sarah Flashing-Clow into the mix not only elevates our abilities as an organization but also expands our opportunities to not just continue the work that came before but grow and evolve the FCF into the foundation for northwest Illinois.”

Sarah Flashing-Clow, who now serves the Freeport Community Foundation as Community Relations Director, is a native of southwest Wisconsin and has been working in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years. Her primary responsibilities with the Foundation involve carrying out marketing & communications objectives that elevate awareness of the Foundation and its engagement in northwest Illinois.

The Freeport Community Foundation (FCF), founded in 1975, is a regional philanthropic organization guided by community leaders who are dedicated to empowering nonprofits to develop solutions that help northwest Illinois communities thrive. To learn more about FCF and opportunities to support important causes throughout northwest Illinois, visit us at www.freeportcf.org or call (815) 801-3035.

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