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Prospective Board Member Profile

Freeport Community Foundation

As challenging as it can be for nonprofits to locate new board members who are passionate for their cause, it can be equally as difficult for people who are interested in board service to make the right connections. If you are interested in being considered for board service in Carroll, Jo Daviess, and/or Stephenson counties, we invite you to fill out the form below. We will begin posting prospective board member profiles in our online Nonprofit Board Member Database as they are submitted and reviewed. The database provides each candidate’s professional and volunteer background, as well as their charitable interest areas, so nonprofits can seek individuals who meet their specific leadership needs.

(i.e., education, human services, project managment, graphic design, wellness, banking...)
(i.e. leadership, project management, sales, policy development, event planning)
Position and Company, Location, Years. (i.e. Internal Auditor - Chase Bank, Madison, WI (2008-2015) ) (Up to 5) (N/A if none)
(i.e. community, fundraising, events, youth, elderly, homelessness...)
(i.e. grant writer, volunteer, board member and name of organization.year where possible) N/A if none
What counties are you interested in serving in?
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This information will not be shared on our website.
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