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Matthew A. Marvin Community Impact Award

The Foundation for Northwest Illinois

The Matthew A. Marvin Community Impact Award is given each year to someone who, like Matt, knows the importance of serving your community to help make it better. This award recognizes an individual who has selflessly served the community with vision, humility, dedication and enthusiasm.

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Matthew A. Marvin (1914-2013)

Community Leader & Philanthropist

Matthew A. Marvin was one of those special people who understood the value of being involved and who cherished the opportunity to generously give back to his hometown.

About Denny Garkey & Little Cubs Field: In 2003, Denny Garkey had a vision for developing Little Cubs Field that became a reality in 2008. Little Cubs Field is a venue for recreational programs, community events, fundraisers, tournaments, and corporate outings to stimulate local, regional and national interest in the Freeport area. It is estimated that Little Cubs Field generates over $400,000 for the local economy each year.

2022: Denny Garkey
2021: Dr. Michael Perry and Bindy Lillge (co-recipients)
2020: Melinda Hartman
2019: Edwin R. Curry (posthumously)
2018: Teri Winter
2017: Marjorie F. Phillips
2016: Bill Kloos
2015: Alan Wenzel
2014: David A. Steenrod (posthumously)
2013: Matthew A. Marvin